Chris Maikisch
Founder and Lead Analyst
Covering Crypto Currency, US Indices

Chris started his career in retail investment banking in the early 1990’s. After overseeing private placements and pre-IPO funding he moved over to analyzing markets. His expertise has been in Oil, Natural Gas and Precious Metals commodity futures. Eventually taking on the US Indices and most recently tier-1 crypto currencies. He is a featured contributor on platforms like, and Trading His penchant to teach and instruct on trading methods and market analysis has enabled him to amass thousands of followers on the Internet.

Tyler Sutherland
EWT Analyst
Covering Various Stocks, ETFs, and Commodities

Tyler began his career with the military in medicine, and realized he had a knack for analyzing processes/teaching. After practicing medicine for over a decade, he ventured into the world of analyzing markets. He started out analyzing crypto currency and the EV industry calling some of the big moves made by Tesla and Rivian. Tapping into his teaching abilities, he soon started to instruct others on EWT quickly growing followers on Trading View.