Trading for profit is hard.

Sure, there’s a lot of sites out there you can join. But will they make you self-sufficient?

Successfully Trading for profit requires solid analysis, emotional control, risk management and last but definitely not least trade discipline. Here you’ll learn Elliott Wave Theory. You’ll be taught how to eliminate fear and greed , two competing emotions in trading. You’ll learn about trade and account drawdown and how to manage and track that. Lastly, you’ll learn how to develop rules when executing and holding positions so you can limit risk and maximize your gains.

Join today, and begin your educational journey in becoming a successful trader of any market.


Gold Package #1

$29.95/ Monthly

$270/ Annually 25% Discount
  • Morning & Evening Updates on: SPX/ES, Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano and the XLF
  • Weekend Update: An in-depth summary of each of SPX futures market
  • See 100% of Chris's Trade Activity in near real-time
  • Access to our interactive trading room. Engage in dialogue with traders from around the world

Platinum Package #2

$59.95 / Monthly

$505/ Annually 30% Discount
  • Everything in Gold Package
  • Daily Conference Calls at 4:30pm (M-F). Interactive Q&A
  • Periodic Educational Calls instructing on all aspects of Elliott Wave Analysis, and Trading for Profit
  • Access to the last 7-days of Daily Conference Call Videos
  • Personalized Analysis on Symbols not Covered. (Limited)